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By charging to the net often and making winning shots most of the time, Ginny Greatsinger won the women's open championship in the 75th annual Fairfield Town Tennis Tournament at Fairfield Indoor Tennis's outdoor courts on Old Dam Road on Saturday morning. She defeated Wendy Minter Griffin 6-2, 6-1.

Greatsinger reached the finals in the 2013 tournament but lost in straight sets to Jackie Visinski, saying she was decimated in that match. She won one game against Visinski, who did not enter this weekend's tournament. The men's open and 45-and-older division finals will be played Sunday morning.

For much of this year's final, Greatsinger overwhelmed Griffin. Griffin lost the first five games of the first set before rallying to win the next two games. Griffin, 46, spotted Greatsinger a 2-0 lead in games in set No. 2. She could not follow-up the victory in the third game and Greatsinger closed her out.

For a six-game stretch that spanned both sets, it was 3-3 between the finalists, but Greatsinger won all the games before and after that competitive period.

"She's a fantastic player," Griffin said of the champion. "She's super consistent. She had great control over her topspin and backspin. They were very strong and consistent. She's tough to beat."

Griffin, who played basketball in college but not tennis competitively in high school or college, acknowledged she had made some nice shots along the way, keeping her in the match, but said they were few in comparison to Greatsinger's winners.

Greatsinger commited fewer unforced errors, too. Some of Griffin's unforced errors prevented her from maintaining momentum when it appeared she was beginning to make her move.

Griffin has lived in town for 13 years, she said. She played in the townwide tourney approximately 10 years ago and won a couple of rounds before being eliminated.

Greatsinger, 51, has been a Fairfield resident for nine years, she said.

"When she (Griffin) was on, she had some very clear winners," Greatsinger said of the runnerup.

"I wanted to mover her around and set-up winners, and that's what worked for me. Attack, attack, attack was on my mind, charging to the net," said Greatsinger, who did not have a competitive background in the sport during her youth. She played basketball and field hockey at Bethany College in West Virginia.

Part of her plan was playing the ball early, returning the volley before it hit the clay court, Greatsinger said. She scored more than a handful of points that way.

Greatsinger said she was comfortable with the surface, having played on these courts before. "It's a little bit more of a foregiving surface for those of us who are older," she said.; 203-337-4879;