By defeating the Taft School 7-0 on Wednesday afternoon, the Greenwich Academy squash team extended its unbeaten run to the season.

Given their recent accomplishments, it comes as little surprise to the defending New England and national champions, who routinely dominate regardless of their opponent.

What does stand out in the Gators' 7-0 record is that each victory has been a 7-0 whitewash.

Forty-nine matches for GA. Zero defeats. Not a single one.

"The matchups are always good match practice for the girls and all the results count towards seedings for nationals," GA coach Suzie Pierrepont said. "So we need to play these matches so we can get the seeding. It's obviously not as close as when schools are playing other schools but we are very strong this year."

GA senior Maria Ubina led the way, as the No. 1 cruised to an 11-4, 11-3, 11-1 win over Taft's Maggie O'Neill. Kayley Leonard, Lindsey Scott, Kate Feely, Jocelyn Lehman, Ashley Richards, and Izzy Ezratty also posted victories for the hosts.

"It probably is (the strongest team in three years at GA)," Pierrepont said "Mainly because (Scott) and (Leonard) didn't move positions so that stays the same, and we traded our No. 1 Nina Scott, who was fantastic, for one of the very few players in the country that was stronger than she was," Pierrepont said. "To have our senior captain be our No. 6 (Richards) clearly shows that."

The Gators displayed the depth that has made them an unstoppable force in high school squash, as a well balanced group of seniors and underclassmen. Don't think the Gators get bored with each impressive win as Pierrepont continues to develop a relationship with the players while preparing them for the next level.

"I joined the same year as (Pierrepont) did so we really got to know each other well," Richards said. "She's just so personable with the team; she is always encouraging and keeps us on our game. She has also grown with the team I think."

One goal Pierrepont is tasked to accomplish is to mold GA into a united force. Because the Gators boast so many individual stars, bringing them together in a team atmosphere is not the easiest thing to do in a one-on-one sport.

"A lot of it is learning how to play on a team and interacting with your teammates," Pierrepont said. "You have to come together as a team if you're going to get anywhere, because even though squash is an individual sport it takes a little getting used to."

One of the new members of the group is Ubina, a senior who was a member of the United States' women's team that competed in the World Team Championships in France last November. Twenty-six countries were represented as Urbina helped the US to a 12th-place finish.

"She's the second best player in the country and one of the best players in the world," Pierrepont said. "Now that she's a senior and has more time to play; she wanted to play so it was nice that we could make it work for her. She is playing in a few professional tournaments this year; that just shows you what her competition level really is."

This year US National Team Squash Championships will take place at Yale from Feb. 8-10, and the Gators are eager to defend a crown they have won four straight years.

"We are hoping to stay strong," Richards said. "I guess we have somewhat of a legacy because of nationals, so I hope we keep it up."

Greenwich Academy 7,

Taft 0

Records: GA 7-0; T 2-3.

No.1 GA Maria Urbina def. Maggie O'Neill 11-4, 11-3,11-1; No.2 Kayley Leonard def. Eliza Dunham 11-6, 11-2,11-6; No.3 Lindsey Scott def. Elle Carroll 11-1, 11-8, 11-4; No.4 Kate Feely def. Bella Jones 11-1,11-9,11-7; No.5 Jocelyn Lehman def. Izzy Stack 11-2, 10-12, 13-11, 11-5; No.6 Ashley Richards def. Sarah Cannaly 11-1,11-3,11-1; No.7 Izzy Ezratty def. Pensiri Newiry 11-0, 11-0, 11-0.