As the 10 Greenwich athletes signed their National Letters of Intent to play collegiate sports Wednesday, you could sense a weight being lifted from their shoulders as a major landmark in their academic and athletic lives was accomplished.

The athletes, from several different sports, will be heading off to compete in the Big East, SEC, ACC, Ivy and other conferences next fall.

Danny Guise will be heading to Wake Forest to play golf, a decision he made last year.

"It will be a great experience and I have been looking forward to it for a long time," Guise said. "I gave my verbal commitment a little over a year ago and it just took so much pressure off my game and academics and now to actually sign is just a sigh of relief."

Emily Johnson is a standout soccer and indoor track athlete, but it is her lacrosse skills that helped guide her to The University of Denver.

"Being able to have all my college stuff figured out is really great and being able to play lacrosse in college is something I would love to do," Johnson said. "The recruiting process was very stressful, to say the least, especially with lacrosse, you start really young. I remember sophomore year having to start looking at schools, so, it was weird but it was fun."

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The Cardinals' boys soccer team just wrapped up one of the most successful campaigns in school history and a large part of that success came from the high-scoring Pieter Zenner, who will be playing for Harvard next fall.

Zenner said the academics in Cambridge were just as enticing as the soccer.

"I am looking forward to getting a good education and playing soccer for them," Zenner said. "The team is improving and we have a lot of new players coming in. It was my top choice, by far, I always had my sights set on them."

Tennis player Zachary Niklaus, who is going to Delaware, said he was glad the college process is over for him.

"I am so relieved," Niklaus said. "SATs were huge and I'm so glad it's done with. I loved the campus at Delaware, the location, it's not too far, not too close. It's a great town and I love the student population there."

Alex Moeser is also happy to be done with the process, especially as his friends are right in the middle of it.

"All my friends are getting really pressured with college stuff right now, so, it's great to be done with it," Moeser said. "I put in a lot of work in the weight room this winter and I am looking forward to this year because we have a lot of talent coming back."

Emma Schauder and Jacqueline Shilen have been friends for a long time and train together as equestrians in a sport that is not offered at high schools in Connecticut.

The pair is now off to rival SEC schools that boast two of the top equestrian programs in the nation with Schauder heading to Georgia and Shilen to Auburn.

"I am so excited for the warm weather," Schauder said. "I have been competing since I was a baby and my parents own their own farm and I work every day. I ride six days a week and I help out at the farm which contributes to me being a better rider.

Added Shilen: "I am so excited to go do it in college. It is completely different than what we do now. I loved the family feeling at Auburn and thee team seemed so united together."

Jenn DeLuca has been one of the top girls tennis players in the state and will be off to Providence to play next year.

"I have a lot of friends struggling with college decisions so it feels great to have it done," DeLuca said. "It takes a lot of weight off knowing where I am going and now I will just be playing to do well for myself."

The Greenwich baseball team finished the regular season unbeaten last spring and a big part of that team was Taylor Olmstead, who is off to the University of Connecticut and Ryan Marks, who will play at Columbia.

"I can't wait. I am just trying to enjoy the senior season coming up," Marks said. "It is nice to know where you are going and it's a great school and great opportunity.";