I'm a football fan, but haven't watched a Super Bowl in more than five years.

Oh sure, the TV will be on Sunday, and I'll be sitting in front of it. But while normal people are actually watching the Giants and Patriots, I'll be stuck in an endless commercial break, hitting the DVR rewind button in an attempt to parse the finer details of the latest Jack in the Box commercial.

It's not a dignified way to watch the highest-rated program of the year. But for this reason -- perseverance in the face of bad GoDaddy.com advertisements -- I'm declaring myself qualified to choose the best (and worst) Super Bowl ads of all time.

Above, we offer five of my favorite Super Bowl commercials, plus several honorable mentions. Instead of the standard rankings, I decided to go back and pick the best commercial for each decade.

We lead off with the worst Super Bowl advertisements of all time. I picked one loser from each decade.

There were plenty of bad ads to choose form. The 2000s in particular were filled with horrible Super Bowl advertisements, although the 2010s are arguably off to an even worse start. In 2011 alone, there were three commercials that I would feel completely comfortable placing as the worst of the decade.

I'm not sure what's harder to make: A really great Super Bowl advertisement or a memorably bad one.

Either way, it's entertaining.